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A powerful toolset to measure and enforce Data Governance requirements

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Data Governance is the collection of processes and controls, policies and standards, roles and responsibilities that ensure the effective and efficient use of the information an organisation collects. This helps the organisation to become more data driven, more effective, and make better informed decisions about its products, services and customers.

Where an organisation’s data includes Personal Data, then strong Data Governance is also part of their legal obligations in their role as Data Controller for the information it holds; strong Data Governance ensures that an organisation is compliant with its legal responsibilities and can evidence this compliance.

Frame 484

Processes and controls ensure that data is properly managed across its life cycle, and that it is properly maintained and monitored to reflect the situation it was created to record. They ensure that data is only accessed by the people who should access it, and for the legitimate purposes that have been defined.

Policies and standards define the framework of rules and guidelines by which an organisation’s staff are trained and measured, and how security controls should be applied. They describe everything from Data Quality Standards, data access controls, legitimate data usage and how data should be protected.

Roles and responsibilities define who accesses data and who makes decisions over it. Key roles such as Data Controllers and Data Stewards are described as the management reporting lines. The hierarchy of decision making is defined, along with the various forums that they run to make decisions and assign actions.

So, how do we fit in?

Implementing and using Data Management software such as our Sentinel Data Integration Platform provides any organisation with a powerful toolset to measure and enforce many aspects of their Data Governance requirements.

The key Data Governance Benefits provided by our Platform are a central point of control to understand and manage:

  • An inventory of what data is held in the various systems across their landscape, what this data contains, who created it and when
  • Visibility and management over data quality and content (not only a snapshot report, but as a series of continuously monitoring dashboards)
  • Different but consistent views of organisation data at all levels of detail, including high level Senior Management / Data Controller dashboards, to operational management views for Data Stewards, to low level action lists and status reporting for Data Engineers and Cleansing Teams
  • Consent flags and restrictions, so that data is only shared and used for purposes that are allowed
  • A single, most trusted and most accurate version of the truth from across all data sources available, to share improved and consistent data quality, and lead to more accurate analysis, reporting and decision making
  • The collaborative use of the same data to drive integrated processes and service delivery, removing the inherent risks of fragmented, siloed and out of date information
  • A system audit log, showing which users accessed which records
  • The data life cycle, showing the age of records across systems, providing information on record status and when they were last used, and identifying duplicates (and which records should be removed, and which should survive)

Our Data Management software is equally powerful in supporting Data Governance obligations; a business-as-usual scenario and during IT / Transformation projects.

During Projects, we provide:

  • Analysis of the scope and content of source data in legacy systems
  • A ‘staging’ data platform to collect all required source information, transform it into the new target data schemas, and then validate it against the new data standards to be applied by the ‘To Be’ systems
  • Data cleansing support, both in monitoring source system data improvements and in the provision of new Portal access to the data held in the staging platform. This provides data enrichment and enhancement options that are often not possible in the legacy systems
  • Data upload into the target ‘To Be’ system, with full monitoring and audit trail to ensure all data is accounted for

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
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