Master data management solutions for local authorities

Accurate, complete data driving better services and support, using cost-effective master data management systems.

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Local government data transformation

Our industry-leading data technology helps local authorities to deliver improved services through an accurate and complete understanding of the citizens and diverse communities they serve. 

Overcoming the issues of fragmented, outdated information, our Data Platform software integrates data from any number of sources to form an up-to-date single view that delivers wide-ranging benefits for the local authorities we work with.

Enhanced Master Data can be fed into front-line systems, empowering organisations and their partner agencies to deliver impactful support to those who need it most.

“We are proud to work with Sentinel Partners. They combine deep sector expertise in housing and local government, particularly children’s services, with trusted data capabilities and as such are very well placed to support our mutual clients on their journey to becoming data led organisations.”

Helena Zaum
Senior Industry Executive – Social Care Lead
Microsoft Ltd

Local authority data solutions

With over 15 years’ experience providing targeted solutions, our products have enabled Local Authorities and partner organisations to meet their goals and serve the most vulnerable in society, enabling our clients to deliver better, more effective support sooner to those that need it. 

Supporting Families

Transforming support programmes by identifying those in greatest need, driving earlier, appropriate intervention.

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Integrated Care Systems

Joining up and sharing data for a new era of integrated patient care

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Single View of Citizen / Child

Overcoming issues caused by fragmented data to provide the most complete, accurate information about individuals.

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Early Years

Supporting two key areas: managing Nursery Education Funding and collecting assessment data. Our secure portal solutions also can be used by providers and parents.

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Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH)

Enabling more coordinated and effective safeguarding through real-time access to accurate, unified inter-agency information.

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Vulnerable Pupil Portal

Integrate from multiple sources, agencies and systems to provide a complete picture of vulnerable pupils to drive alternative support provision.

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Family Hub

Safe and robust, cross-partner case collaboration and data sharing platform. Enabling real-time joint working without the risk of unauthorised data access  

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“Liverpool City Council and Sentinel Partners have developed an excellent working relationship over the past seven years. Before using the platform, Liverpool was struggling to link vast amounts of data for the Supporting Families Programme and were at risk of the programme not achieving its targets. The developments with Sentinel to improve data linkage for identifying complex families, partner work with families and tracking outcomes have seen Liverpool achieve and exceed annual targets set by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and the Department for Education each year.”

John Bowers
Supporting Families Programme, Family Hub, and SAFE Taskforce Data and Information Manager
Liverpool City Council

Accelerating local authorities' progress to data maturity

Recognising the importance of data in identifying and responding to local needs, DLUHC (previously MHCLG) has developed its own Data Maturity Model (shown, right) to guide local authorities.

Highlighting six key elements, it helps local authorities to understand where they are now and where they need to get to.   

The Sentinel Platform technology underpins all six elements, helping local authorities make faster progress to data maturity and optimise their approach to delivering Early Help for families.

Supporting Families Solution

Data Maturity Diagram

Delivering the most complete, up-to-date data

Sentinel’s Master Data Management technology enables local authorities to improve services and increase their customer focus through ready access to accurate, complete data that can be shared internally and with partner organisations.

Generating enhanced understanding that drives improved management and operations, our MDM software can have a big impact on organisations and the people they serve.

Many local authorities started with simple MDM aspirations and have since extended their solutions to bring in additional benefits, delivering true data-driven innovation and collaborative partnerships.

Wide-ranging applications include identifying vulnerable children who are most at risk and supporting families with complex needs and dependencies. Organisations are also using the software to maintain assets and transform their services through a greater understanding of customers. In all cases, efficiency is increased through repeatable, consistent, and automatic data processing.

Sentinel Master Data Management Platform for local authorities

A wide-ranging suite of features have been developed to meet local authorities’ evolving MDM needs. Functionality includes:

  • Customised views that ensure every user can see what they need to see
  • Robust data compliance and complete consent management
  • Powerful profiling functionality to identify target cohorts based on criteria set and managed by local teams
  • Automated alerts notifying users of urgent incidents or risks, again based on criteria determined by users
  • Unlimited groups – data combinations can be linked to form groups such as, families, extended families, gangs or any associations based on common events, locations or known relationships
  • Controlled sharing with external partners as well as subtle information sharing features that provide automated messages to teams who may not be permitted to see some of the underlying source data

Sentinel Platform

Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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Local authority success stories


Liverpool City Council

Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. We provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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London Borough of Bromley

Pioneering an online solution to streamline the management of early education funding for around 5,000 children across 450 settings. Sentinel's Early Years Funding Portal enabled a team of just 4 people to accurately and efficiently distribute £20 million worth of funding.

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Birmingham City Council

Adopting our Early Years Funding Portal means that local authorities as large as Birmingham can make light work of the high volume of child records and eligibility checks that need to be processed.

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