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Integration of multiple data sources into a single unified view

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Data integration is the process of combining data from many disparate and fragmented sources into one, unified view. It is the foundation of efficient data management, meaningful analytics and insights, effective working and delivery and compliant data sharing.

Data integration is not only a requirement of large enterprises. Today, all businesses and organisations will benefit from accurate and comprehensive data integration to increase effectiveness.

Small-to-medium businesses, housing groups, and public sector agencies rely on multiple applications and databases as part of their working; these include CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, accounting and finance applications, asset management systems, and service, maintenance, or workflow platforms and—yes— spreadsheets.


The challenge for any organisation that relies on multiple systems and databases is to ensure consistency of its data content and management. As the array of an organisation’s data sources increases so too does the risk of data becoming locked in ‘silos’ whereby valuable information from one service area is unavailable to related services, and not accessible for other areas of the organisation who needs it.

The challenge of disparate data and fragmented systems is not just about streamlining and consolidating the day-to-day working of those that need comprehensive and accurate information. A lack of a clear data integration strategy leads to miscommunication, disconnects, and failures to meet governance and reporting requirements/obligations.

The creation of a new layer of integrated data, raises the profile and visibility of the information that the organisation needs. Data becomes a Corporate Data Asset, which enables data driven decisions and paves the way for new digital innovation.

What is Data Integration? 

Data Integration is the integration of multiple data sources from different types and formats into a single unified view. It is the basis for BI systems and provides the required data source of effective Online Services and AI innovation.

How do we do it

Data integration can be achieved by a variety of techniques. The first step is the extraction of data from source into our Platform Hub. Depending on use-case, we can follow the following steps.

  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL): this takes a copy of datasets from disparate sources. These are then grouped together, harmonized, and loaded into the target data warehouse or database
  • Extract, Load and Transform (ELT): source data from multiple sources is loaded into a big data system, such as data lakes for large volumes, and transformed later for analytic and insight requirements
  • Change Data Capture (Delta Differencing): identifies changes and updates in data in scheduled or real-time and applies these updates and changes to the functional database or warehouse
  • Data Replication: this continuous replication of data in further databases for the purpose of increased availability, disaster recovery, system resilience, durability, backups, operational requirements, or synchronisation
  • Data Virtualisation: Our Portal applications allow data from an array of systems to be virtually combined to provide a unified view instead of loading data into a new repository
  • Streaming Data Integration: this is a real-time data integration of streams of data to be continuously fed into analytics systems and data stores

Data Integration

Cleanse, merge and accrue data from multiple disparate sources into a single unified view. This integrated unified view of data can then serve as the most complete and accurate foundation for efficient data management, meaningful analytics and insights, effective working and delivery and compliant data sharing. 

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Connectivity: See our list of supported integrations
  • Pre-built transformations and matching rules: use out of the box transformation and matching rules
  • Workflows: automate your integration process
  • Low code/no code. You decide
  • Data ready for accurate analytics and insights
  • Improve integrity and quality
  • Centralized 360 view of your data

Data Sources

The Sentinel Data Platform gives you the flexibility to integrate data from any type of data source and file format. Allowing you to bring everything you need to build your unified view of individual, property, customer, or asset. Nothing gets left behind, so your unified view is as accurate and up to date as possible: a complete view.  

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Data Source

Business Data Transformation  

Businesses change, it is part of growth and part of sustainability. However, many businesses find change challenging— data is often at the heart of this challenge. Our advice is to make the change you need; we have several Business Data Transformation styles to suit your needs, including Migration, Integration, Hybrid, and Added Value Data Transformation approaches. 

Business Data Transformation 

View our Data Integration success stories

Liverpool City Council

Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. Sentinel provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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North Lincolnshire council

North Lincolnshire required the ability to integrate data from a wide range of internal and external sources to form comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date holistic views of individuals and the families they belong to.

The Supporting Family solution offers fully configurable eligibility rules, enabling North Lincolnshire Council to define profiling rules for eligibility according to the requirements of the Supporting Families programme and their own local TFOP (Trouble Families Outcomes Plan) which incorporates the council's own priorities in responding to their family's needs.

The platform also tracks the cohort’s continuing progress and show where interventions and support services have been successful and where they have not. This allows them to focus resources on the more effective services.

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Due the merge of GreenSquare and Accord Housing Association, the data from different housing systems containing different structures and quality scenarios needed to be integrated in order to create new and holistic Housing Stock-List.

The business needed an innovative approach to data integration and management, firstly to integrate two groups of legacy systems for the new combined business, but also to improve and standardise the quality and structure of both companies’ legacy data.

Due to the number of records and properties and matching scenarios in this project, we utilized Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services to compliment the in-built functionality within the Sentinel Data Platform.

We used these Machine Learning services to perform 1.5 trillion comparisons to discover and analyze potential matches.

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Devon County Council

Using the Sentinel Supporting Families Solution, Devon County Council were able to more effectively identify families with multiple complex needs and dependencies. The quality of data available across the authority and its partner agencies has been enhanced and is far more visible.

We have since provided further software and data service solutions to Devon County Council, assisting their work beyond the Supporting Families Programme. This has included the provision of a Microsoft Azure Power BI data warehouse, providing a comprehensive 360 view of residents and associated data points.

Read their story


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