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Master Data Management for Businesses

Master Data Management for Businesses

Industry-leading MDM technology

At a glance

Sentinel’s Data Hub overcomes data quality and fragmentation issues to turn the concept of Master Data Management (MDM) into a reality.

With the ability to easily combine data from multiple sources, the Sentinel Hub is able to form and present an up-to-date and accurate master version of data that can be accessed throughout an organisation on a national and international scale. Most-trusted data sources can be managed at field level to build up the most reliable version of the truth across your organisation.

The Hub will also decide whether information needs to be over-written or appended, automatically building up and maintaining an accurate current view of your data and a fully comprehensive history of changes and events.

With the ability to work with business data ranging from raw materials to finished products and fixed assets to suppliers, the Hub can be used across a variety of units and departments in a wide range of business sectors. 

Key benefits

Streamline data sharing 

Provide each team with the most appropriate level of access to critical business data, with all views tailored to the needs of each team to make data retrieval and maintenance more efficient.

Greater accuracy 

Drive your business based on a single, most-complete and most-timely version of your business-critical information. Decide at field level what is the most trusted and most timely and use this as a basis to share. Choose which supplementary or historic information to include or exclude.

Control and governance 

Use the configurable rules to create your own set of validation logic to define your corporate data standards. Decide which data is good enough to process and which must be rejected and issued back to the business for correction using real-time exception lists and alerts.

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