Extract and Load

The Sentinel Platform can collect, read and migrate data from data sources or structures such as SQL or NoSQL databases, Data Lakes or XML files. 

It can identify updates or changes to data to avoid constant whole data set refreshes. 

It will then place the data into the target system, typically a cloud data warehouse, where it is ready to be analysed by BI and data analytics tools, or Sentinel solutions such as Supporting Families.

Sentinel supports both transformation during Extract Transform & Load (ETL) or after loading Extract Load & Transform (ELT).

Extract data from your sources to reduce data silos

By extracting from multiple disparate locations data containing essential information can be centralized, eradicating data silos - blind spots - that can cause errors, and operational issues. As access and visibility is increased, with appropriate control, the risks of hidden information and operational disconnection are reduced. A powerful, simple, solution to a complex problem.  


Only update what you need to with Change Data Capture (CDC)

Change data capture allows you to keep your systems up-to-date with changes without needing to copy your entire database. Intelligently detect data changes and apply those directly to your target system


Power your systems with unified data

Make data an asset, meet your goals with accurate and complete data. Tremendous value can be realised simply by organising your data to be unified, complete, accurate and available across your organisation. 


  • Easy to use, maintain, and highly secure
  • No code / low code
  • Connects to all required data sources to fetch all relevant data
  • Files such as json, xml, csv, parquet
  • Databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySql, Redis, Cassandra, and Cosmos DB
  • Supports connection to Microsoft Data Lakes directly for serverless Cloud databases
  • Supports APIs including Sentinel Master database
  • Extensive integration ability. See our list of integrations for more information
  • Works seamlessly with other components of your data platform, including data warehouses, data lakes and cloud components such as Azure Synapse
  • Supports change data capture (CDC)
  • Manage and handle schema drift (where metadata such as columns or types are added, removed, or changed in a data source) 
  • Dynamic Data Model – grows as new feeds are added
  • New data feeds seamlessly added to the data pipeline. (Automatic visualization of new data content)
  • Configurable functionality to map new fields to the existing data model or create new
  • Orchestration: Full automation for scheduled loads from many to many
  • Real-time streaming data extraction and load

The Sentinel Data Platform’s Extract and Load capability includes many features and ways to organise your data in a more effective manner.

Familiar challenges of disparate and fragmented data can be overcome, and data can be an asset in achieving your goals. Unified, complete, and accurate data is the foundation of effective working and visibility.

It helps to facilitate performance and provides operational resilience whilst opening the door to more advanced drives such as conducting impact analysis, data profiling and cleansing, and gaining insight from advanced big data analytics involving Machine Learning or AI.


  • Centralise data: Eliminate silos, combine data types and formats
  • Automate with pipeline orchestration and scheduling
  • Low/No Code or in-depth SQL Modelling – choose what suits you
  • Pre-built/templates for imports and exports
  • Load into other tools accessible through the Hub – Bi Etc

Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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