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Housing Data Hub

Housing Data Hub

Transforming operations through a powerful, single view of assets and customers

At a glance

Sentinel’s Housing Hub software transforms housing operations by providing a comprehensive and up-to-date single view of assets, tenants and their families.

By integrating wide-ranging data and feeding enhanced information into front-line systems, the Hub's advanced technology bridges the housing data gap to drive improved customer service and asset management, while also helping to reduce risk and fraud.

Working in tandem with existing housing management systems, the Hub also issues automatic alerts to guide proactive management.

Key benefits 

  • Enhanced asset and void management 
    Build a deeper understanding of properties and their condition through a holistic view of information including occupancy, repairs, refurbishments and warranties.

  • A better understanding of customers
    Know who's living in your properties. Respond to customers and address financial risks, particularly with the advent of Universal Credit, based on clear knowledge of your tenants and any history of anti-social behaviour or arrears.
  • Improved data quality and more informed decision making 
    The Hub tackles the data quality issues faced by the housing sector, helping providers to make the best use of the information they already hold and enabling them to look forward to a data-rich future.
  • Easier data sharing 
    The Hub facilitates data sharing with external partners such as local authorities and neighbouring housing associations.
  • Supporting mergers 
    Where housing organisations join forces, the Hub integrates their separate data into an agreed format, with Sentinel’s data migration experts providing additional input where required.
  • Reducing fraud 
    Sentinel's technology automatically highlights data patterns and anomalies that are associated with fraud. It even overcomes attempts by individuals to disguise their real identity, e.g. detecting where names are deliberately transposed (forename to middle name) or making abbreviated/phonetic matches (e.g. Ade Smith = Adrian Smythe). For more details please click here.

Additional features

Automatic updates and alerts

Data is automatically processed on a daily basis and the Hub provides real-time alerts every time a customer or asset crosses a client’s threshold criteria.

Easy to configure 

The Hub operates by using a set of processes, rules and algorithms. Sentinel does the hard bit to ensure it can be easily configured by clients to meet their specific business needs.

Security and GDPR compliance

All our solutions feature in-built data protection to help organisations comply with data regulations. Access is also fully controlled.

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