Customer Data Platform for Housing Organisations

Improving services through a better understanding of properties and people

Housing Data Solution

Driving a data-led response to customers' needs

Our Data Platform helps housing organisations to understand and respond to customers' current and future needs.

Providing an accurate single view, the Platform integrates any number of data streams to form up-to-date, holistic records for all kinds of customers.

Information can also be fed back into existing systems, improving customer management by providing a comprehensive picture of people, a deeper understanding of the services they need and what their future requirements are likely to be. This insight empowers organisations to deliver modern, efficient housing services and achieve their objectives by becoming more needs-driven, proactive, and innovative. It also helps them to identify and meet the expectations of a diverse customer base, including individuals who are vulnerable or have specific needs.

Wide-ranging applications and benefits include:

Developing right-first-time services

The rich intelligence provided by the Data Platform supports the development and delivery of primary and complementary services that meet a clear need, are sustainable, and appropriately resourced.

A greater understanding of risk to the organisation and customers

Chronological records highlight any history of arrears or anti-social behaviour, as well as health-related incidents such as falls, allowing close monitoring of known issues and early warning of changing living requirements. Target cohorts can easily be identified using powerful profiling functionality based on criteria set and managed by relevant teams.

Improved collaboration

Access to accurate, unified data leads to more consistent delivery by internal teams and contractors, plus a better understanding of how to work with local authorities and partner agencies to deliver support services.

Enhancing reputation

Improved customer understanding and provision provides a competitive edge by building loyalty and trust through a reputation for reliable, quality services.

Unified data for easier reporting

All information is simple to sort and extract, ensuring reporting requirements can be met quickly and easily.

Golden Thread for improved safety and compliance

Maintain better records and, where relevant, share data with partners to meet statutory obligations. This includes the Golden Thread of information for high-rise buildings to ensure those responsible for buildings have access to the required information for managing building safety throughout its lifecycle.

Secure, flexible, user-focused data technology

Our software is flexible and easy to implement with data views that can be configured to meet the requirements of specific teams. Features include:

  • The ability to integrate information from dozens of data streams and systems, both internal and external.
  • A complete chronology to customer records.
  • Fully configurable, putting you in control of setting profiling criteria and scenarios that trigger automatic alerts for all relevant teams when action needs to be taken.
  • Comprehensive security and data governance features include easy-to-set permissions and access levels. All our solutions feature in-built data protection and settings to help housing organisations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other controls relating to the use and sharing of personal or sensitive personal information.

Transforming housing organisations’ use of data

Our industry-leading data technology enables housing organisations to transform their operations by providing an accurate, up-to-date single view of customers and assets. Housing associations we're working with are seeing wide-ranging benefits.

Housing data is often fragmented and of poor quality, with issues compounded by mergers. Overcoming these challenges, our Data Platform integrates data from any number of sources to form an accurate single view which leads to deeper understanding and improved, more timely decision making.

The accurate single view can contribute to a ‘Golden Thread’ of information for high-rise buildings, ensures those responsible for buildings have the required information to manage building safety throughout its lifecycle.

The Data Platform’s Golden Thread supports organisations in meeting compliance and safety requirements and helps future proof data for further compliance requirements emerging from government recommendations.

Enhanced Master Data can be fed into front-line systems, empowering housing organisations to deliver efficient, sustainable services and achieve their objectives and obligations by becoming more needs-driven, proactive and innovative.

Sentinel’s Data Platform supports housing organisations in any one or all of the following business areas through a successful approach to Master Data Management (MDM).

Housing Asset Data Management

Improved asset management driven by a comprehensive view of data

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Housing Customer Data Management

Helping organisations to make operational gains and better meet their customers' needs.

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Housing Insight and Transformation

Complete and accurate data forming the foundation of efficient, responsive, and future focussed housing services.

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Social Housing Tenancy Fraud

Combatting social housing tenancy fraud with advanced data matching technologies.

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Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design" approach
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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