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Single View of Citizen / Child for Local Authorities

Single View of Citizen / Child for Local Authorities

Enabling a deeper understanding of citizens’ needs

Holistic, accurate data driving more effective service delivery

Fragmented data holds back local authorities and their partner agencies as they seek to deliver impactful mainstream and targeted support services.

Sentinel’s single view software solutions overcome this by providing the most complete, accurate and timely information about the individuals they serve. 

Data from multiple sources, including external agencies, is integrated to form a single holistic view, enabling organisations to work together to direct resources where they are needed. Target cohorts are then identified using powerful profiling functionality based on criteria set and managed by local teams.

Clarifying needs through enhanced insight with meaningful chronologies, the dynamic data software already forms an integral part of many local authorities’ policy for delivering appropriate and effective support.

Applications include the identification and care of vulnerable adults, integrated care and an overview of service provision. The Single View of Child solution is optimised for a multi-agency approach where the focus is on the well-being and safeguarding of children, including adoption and fostering.

Contact us to find out how our single view technology can make a difference to your organisation and the people it serves.

Secure, controlled data-sharing technology

Sentinel’s software is flexible and easy to implement with views that can be tailored to meet the data requirements of specific teams and partner agencies. Features and benefits include:

  • The ability to integrate data from dozens of systems.
  • Provides a complete chronology to the records that make up a person’s history.
  • Less time spent finding out what’s already known, and more time spent dealing with cases.
  • Reveals themes and trends, enabling potential issues to be identified at an early stage and tackled before they reach crisis point.
  • Highlights links and associations – including family connections or shared history such as gang membership or youth offending
  • Additional security and access restrictions can be applied to sensitive personal data.

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