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As a Microsoft Partner we are part of the native Azure Data Service Stack. All our products can integrate with Azure Services.

There are specific scenarios our Platform compliments. Using the Sentinel Data Platform you can access all of Microsoft Azure’s features intuitively, easily and quickly. The platform provides a single access point taking away the demands of directly building and managing Synapse, Data Lakes, permissions and access. The Sentinel Data Platform is a native, integrated and fully streamlined Azure service which allows you to get the most out of its technology.


Single access point of service


  • Create and manage Azure resources such as Synapse, Power BI, Data Lakes
  • Streamline access and simplify management of permissions and access
  • Access all Azure services intuitively, easily and quickly

Consolidate multiple Azure services into one integrated end-to-end data pipeline

Centralize and integrate your resources and data

Quickly add Azure Services to existing data pipelines

Develop pipelines by adding resources as you need them

What we bring to Azure Services 

Our matching technology creates a unified data set; the best basis for Azure services. The Sentinel Platform Solutions can integrate seamlessly to incorporate what you need to best achieve your goals.

Azure Pipeline 2

Our Solutions and Services can be integrated in different ways with Microsoft Azure Services. We can provide Acquisition, Standardisation, and/or Validation, allowing you to access the best mix of the specialist services you need. This flexibility allows you to find the right solution.

Our Matching and Family Build technology can be used effectively with the combination that best suits your goals and requirements.

Augmenting our solutions are services for Machine Learning (ML), Power BI and Data Lakes - giving you access to powerful insight services.

The benefits of our Profiling technology can similarly be accessed via our Sentinel Data Platform Hub or through storage Azure services such as Data Lakes. Profiling can help identify target cohorts, and flags to potential targets. Scores and weighting can be attached in different scenarios so cohorts can be analysed by Azure Machine Learning (ML). Scores and weightings can also be layered back to family group, providing key insights for Supporting Families programmes and other intervention initiatives. All these solutions can also include effective visualisations of risks, for example for vulnerable children.

With the ability to easily combine data from multiple sources, the Sentinel Platform delivers an up-to-date and accurate master version of data that can be accessed throughout an organisation. Most-trusted data sources can be managed at field level to build up the most reliable version of the truth across your organisation. This master data can be the optimum basis for getting the best from Azure services. Use master data to get the most out of Azure services.

Data Storage: Blob, Data-Lake, Data Warehouses and Databases


Azure Blobs

A massively scalable object store for text and binary data. 

Azure Files

Managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments.

Azure Tables

A NoSQL store for schema-less storage of structured data.

Platform-as-a-Service Databases




A massively scalable object store for text and binary data. 



Managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments.

Microsoft Sql Server


A NoSQL store for schema-less storage of structured data.



A NoSQL store for schema-less storage of structured data.



A NoSQL store for schema-less storage of structured data.

Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Create a full end-to-end configurable data pipeline
  • Platform serves as a means for ingesting and collating large amount of data from multiple sources
  • Conduct analytics on limitless big data
  • “Off-the-shelf" products for matching people and properties


See how: Empowering MDM With Efficient Data Matching


Access Controls Active Directory (AAD)

  • Single User login across Azure and Sentinel technologies
  • Role-based access control
  • Single security model

Analytics, Reporting and Data Visualisation

Azure Data Services and Business Intelligence Tools can help any organisation transform data into intelligent, easy-to-understand visualisations that can be surfaced wherever decisions are made. Powerful, self-service analytical and enterprise BI tools drive better, faster, decision making. With Power BI you can prepare and model data easily with built-in automation and intelligence.

Bring data to life with hundreds of pre-built visualisations and options to tailor reports to fit user needs. Distribution is also simple and effective; findings can be disseminated to team members inside and outside your organisation so everyone works off the same information.

  • Power BI Connectors. Get started quickly and use a library of data connectors such as Excel, SharePoint, Azure, SQL Database, Dynamics 365, Salesforce and more
  • Use our portal to view your data lake data: access petabyte-size files and trillions of objects through a single platform designed for your needs
  • Embed Power BI reports in any Sentinel Portal Apps

Looking to migrate your on-premise systems to the cloud or move to a hybrid architecture? 


Learn about our Azure Migration Service

Machine Learning and AI Insights

  • Create your own ML processes in Azure with our streamlined UI
  • Notebooks – trial scripts to test efficacy. Sandbox and scale up
  • Specialist Data Scientist Consultants available


  • Radical speed up factor estimated at 600x


  • Matching times massively reduced. For example, for one client we were able to reduce processing time from 42 days to 1 hour 39 minutes


  • More intuitive confidence scores - cloud computing with advanced data processing is not only more efficient (faster) but also more effective

Transform data use in your organisation

Book your free data assessment today, and find out how much of an impact Sentinel's Master Data Management tools can have on your business.

  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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See Our Customer Stories

Our Data Pipeline and matching and profiling software drive power BI reports for operational and corporate level performance report.


North Yorkshire County Council

Sentinel’s Data Integration platform and Single View of Child Portal was implemented and made available to MAST (Multi Agency Safeguarding Team) users, enabling earlier and more informed decision making and intervention.

North Yorkshire County Council was the first local authority to receive “Outstanding” across the board in the Ofsted ILACS inspection.

Sentinel’s technology allows CYPS staff to access all relevant information at first contact, assisting their work to provide help and support as early as possible.

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Devon County Council

Using the Sentinel Supporting Families Solution, Devon County Council were able to more effectively identify families with multiple complex needs and dependencies. The quality of data available across the authority and its partner agencies has been enhanced and is far more visible.

We have since provided further software and data service solutions to Devon County Council, assisting their work beyond the Supporting Families Programme. This has included the provision of a Microsoft Azure Power BI data warehouse, providing a comprehensive 360 view of residents and associated data points.

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Liverpool City Council

Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. Sentinel provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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