All data transformations are fully configurable and transparent.

Data transformation is an important part of data migration and integration. When integrating data from disparate sources, or moving data from a legacy system to new, some changes are almost always required. These could be changing data types, or reworking source values to match the values in a target system’s config.

With the Sentinel Data Platform, you can manage and control the transformations and quickly respond to changing requirements. All data transformations are fully configurable and transparent.

The Sentinel Data Platform provides 100 out the box transformation functions for your data.

The Platform also comes with 200 out of the box and fully configurable rules – allowing you to add clauses to your changes.

Enrich your data with our powerful data transformation tools

Our pre-built and configurable transformation tools allow you to enhance the quality of your data. From names and addresses through to complex transformations of source values to match target configurations. Sentinel is uniquely placed to; add detail to make records more complete, cleanse a variety of data errors or even change data formatting to suit requirements. 

Data Structure

Transformations can work across multiple fields, enabling you to change and tailor data structures to suit your requirements. 

Data Quality

Information format can be improved, errors removed, and data types can be changed to suit system requirements. Our transformations can be a powerful tool in cleansing poor quality data. 

Enrich your data with our powerful data validation rules

Validation rules allow you to check and cross check the data you pull through, an extra layer in ensuring quality is improved and the changes you apply are the ones you need. 

Transformation features and scenarios include:

  • Fix and validate postcodes
  • Removal of spurious characters and empty values
  • Add structure to single field addresses
  • Prototype rules prior to applying to live data
  • Rationalization of data – standardizing data from mis-used fields
  • Extracting names from email
  • Separating AKA from name into Alias Field
  • Data functions such as regular expressions
  • List of values mapping
  • Rejection criteria based upon field content
  • Enhancing and standardizing for abbreviated or non-standard names.
  • Data quality and cleansing monitoring and reporting – in support of manual source system cleansing
  • Automated data cleansing of field content in the Platform for distribution

Controlled and managed transformation of data can improve data quality, as data is migrated or integrated improvements in accuracy, consistency and format can be achieved. Address discrepancies can be ironed out, mis-used fields can be remedied, and erroneous information can be omitted. Our suite of out of the box transformations and the ability to configure and set new custom transformations means data can be rationalised and standardised, optimising quality for its purpose once integrated or migrated.  

Our Platform provides 100 out the box transformation functions including:

  • Empty Values
  • Check Data Types
  • Check value matches (LOV)
  • Regex (Format)
  • Remove unwanted characters (Spaces and Special)
  • Min and max length of data
  • Highest and lowest numeric values
  • Capitalise upper and lower text
  • Default Values
  • Replace old value with another
  • Structure address fields

Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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