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Our data consultants, business analysis consultants and developers have years of experience delivering solutions that meet our clients’ diverse range of needs. Our areas of specialisation cover private sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing and Automotive, as well Public Sector Local Government, Housing Associations, and Charities.

From delivering complex data migration solutions as part of housing transformation projects or implementing a complete MDM solution for a business struggling with inadequate quality and disparate data, to helping local authorities meet the new requirements of Supporting Families Phase 3, we have known the challenges and how to overcome them. Above all, we know how to listen to your needs – we know the importance of being an engaged, proactive and attuned data partner. We understand the importance of working collaboratively and productively to find the most effective route to a solution that works best for your needs, goals, and vision of where you want to go.

Data Consultancy for Businesses

We have a breadth and depth of experience in finance and business sectors. Lee Coupland, Director and CTO, worked in many finance firms including Goldman Sachs and Accenture before co-founding Sentinel Partners. Several of our product leads, developers, and consultants also have experience in sectors such as engineering, automotive, big data marketing and sales. We also have business data analysis consultants and specialist consultants with academic backgrounds in Data Science working to bring leading-edge advantages such as Machine Learning tools and Big Data Analytics to our clients. For example, see the GreenSquareAccord Client Success Story

Data can present several challenges to businesses. As a business grows, or is radically transformed as a result of mergers, siloed or poorly integrated data can result in the basics of business failing to work. This problem can manifest as poor customer service, inefficient supply chains, an inability to report correctly, or not providing the insight and evaluation required for effective strategic decision making. Our MDM Platform and our matching and profiling technologies can help. The Sentinel Data Platform can also serve transformation needs by ingesting, transforming and/or cleansing, massive amounts of data for migration purposes – not only driving your organisation’s transformation but improving data quality and accuracy too.

Above all, our technology can transform the role data takes in your business. Inaccurate, poor quality, and poorly integrated data, is a problem and a frustration. Data should be a highly valuable corporate asset – giving you the control, insight and agility to grow your business and meet your goals. Getting data right across your organisation is the enabler for true Digital Transformation.

With our expertise and powerful proprietary MDM technology, we can take your data on a journey from being a problem to being an invaluable corporate asset.   



Data Consultancy for Local Authorities

We are proud to have helped transform the ways local authorities across the UK use data to meet government programme objectives or to identify the most vulnerable people in our society who need help. Part of this success comes from Graham McCusker’s background in local authority data projects and procurement. Data does not exist in a vacuum; its context is important and so too are the people it concerns, those who use it, and those it can help. The context of local authority data can bring unique challenges, so can the ways the data is used. Our data consultants are familiar with the challenges local authorities face, and passionate about the good they can deliver. We know the challenges around personal sensitive data, siloed working practices, and the need for full audit trails.

Using data for good, be it better, more joined up, use and sharing to help those in need, or improved working to empower local authority teams and partners work more effectively and efficiently, we are proven to deliver results and overcome the unique challenges local authority data can pose. Part of our ethos in this sector is to be a trusted data partner. Many of our clients have grown and developed over the years, and part of this is achieved by adding more and more of our product stack to their data landscape. For our local authority clients, we frequently hold cross-client workshops so that success and best practice from exemplar local authorities such as [Liverpool link] and [Birmingham link] can be shared.

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Data Consultancy for Housing Groups and Organisations

Our consultants are equally experienced in housing. We have a wealth of expertise in providing our industry-leading MDM software to help housing companies and organisations integrate data from disparate sources. Our data analysis consultants are experienced in working with key-stake holders to create all the housing-specific portal screens, reports, and extracts, to support their data and growing business needs.

We have used leading edge Machine Learning tools to help match and merge data for clients needing an integrated data platform as part of a merged company transformation project. We have also provided data migration services for large housing companies looking to consolidate and standardize their data and working because of acquiring and merging with other companies.

Data can present several challenges to housing groups and associations. Often asset data is disparate and suffers from degrees of accuracy or is not up to date. Beyond asset data management we also understand that information around finance, customer service, maintenance and repairs, and other crucial business zones can suffer from poor integration or disjointed process flows involving resource heavy manual work or risks of misreporting. As safeguarding and audit requirements (such as the Hackitt report’s recommendation for a ‘Golden Thread’) gain increased focus and urgency, accurate, timely, and unified housing data is not only about working more effectively and achieving growth but about compliance too.

We’re proud to have transformed data from a problem to a corporate data asset for a number of housing organisations.


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