Bromford Group are one of the biggest housing associations in the country with almost 45,000 homes spread across Central and South-West England, supporting and caring about the 100,000 people who live in their homes. The Group is the result of a merger between the three original organisations: Bromford, Merlin and Severn Vale Housing Associations. 

The Problem

Bromford are transforming the technology and underlying business processes to ensure that they keep the organisation ‘Future Ready’ by:

  • Building a Bromford where there is a simpler more consistent experience for customers and colleagues 
  • Exploring the extra value we can deliver to customers through the use of their data, both at an individual and community level
  • Effectively integrating the old Bromford, Merlin and Severn Vale Housing associations into one new organisation

Bromford need to service a changing population and live with the new sector reality that technology needs to drive positive outcomes in the community. More and more customers are signing up for self-service options, online payments and management of repairs.

How we solved the problem

Sentinel were commissioned to be the Data Partner for key phases of the Transformation Programme including the Financial Operations and Customer Experience modules. We enabled Bromford to migrate from a variety of legacy systems and technologies over to an integrated system using Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Sentinel provided an expert Data Management team utilising the flexibility of our Data Platform to help identify, transform and migrate huge volumes of complex and interdependent data from all three source organisations into the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. 


The benefits of using our data platform

We provided consistent and controlled data migration processes for hundreds of Data Entities covering all core legacy systems across the three source organisations of Bromford, Merlin and Severn Vale. 

Our flexible technology allowed the migration processes to be changed and retested in agile and efficient ways as the programme evolved and new system requirements expanded. 

We supported data migration loads into the core User Acceptance Test phases of the programme to ensure that the test systems were true reflections of how the new live system and live data would look at the end of the programme. 

Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
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