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Bromley chooses Sentinel’s ‘one-stop shop’ for Early Years Funding

Sentinel is providing a comprehensive early years funding system for the London Borough of Bromley.

The pioneering online solution, which includes a parent portal, will streamline the management of Early Education Entitlement (EEE) for around 8,000 children and 300 providers.

“Bromley recognised the wide-ranging benefits our software will deliver for providers, administrators, parents and children,” said Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen and look forward to getting a fully-tailored system up and running.”

Originally developed to transform the funding process for local authority teams and nursery education providers across the UK, Sentinel’s automated solution now offers a ‘one-stop shop’ parent portal.

Not only can parents search for local nursery places and receive immediate feedback on availability, they can also check their children’s eligibility for Nursery Education Funding at the same time.

The portal removes the need for parents to make separate eligibility checks according to the different schemes for two-year-old children and those who are aged three or four.

They can also search for providers that offer certain facilities or cater for particular special needs, which can be highlighted and identified by the local authority at an earlier stage in a child’s development.

The accuracy of the data held by the system also allows reports to be generated quickly and easily, including all Sufficiency Data and the collection, validation and submission of Early Years Census to DfE.



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