G-Cloud 13

Sentinel have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud-13 Frameworks (RM1557.13)



Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2018/19, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth £945m - supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers. 

G-Cloud 13

Sentinel have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 Framework. We are offering our Sentinel Data Integration Platform / Master Data Management Platform on Lot 1: Cloud hosting, Lot 2: Cloud software, and Lot 3: Cloud support (Additional Services). 

Find our profile and services here:  https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/

The technology and solutions we offer, meet several challenges facing local authorities and public facing organisations. By providing complete end-to-end master data management and integration solutions we solve several data sharing and data quality issues as described below.  


Siloed or fragmented data

With our industry leading approach of integrating data we remove information blind spots and siloed data - enabling a more effective use of database content, better working, and more effective and faster communication. This ensures red flags are not missed and spurious or duplicate records are highlighted and removed from systems.

Our powerful matching and profiling software highlights at-risk persons, safeguarding concerns, families in need of support (Supporting Families Programme and Early Help Services), ghost children not yet identified by current processes, and more.  

Data Quality

One of the challenges local authorities face is variable data quality, and a lack of understanding about where it is good or bad and where it is stable or in flux. Incomplete, duplicate or spurious records all contribute to data that is inconsistent and of poor quality.

This not only impacts service delivery, but carries risks of miscommunication, disconnection and incomplete visibility. For supporting the most vulnerable in society these errors can have massive impacts, not only causing inefficient or wasteful uses of resources but can directly affect individuals by delaying care, missing early warning signs and impacting health. Best quality, up-to-date and accurate information is the foundation of effective and targeted support service delivery.


As organisations grow, they are required to be more data driven. Scalability, interconnectedness and partnership working all require more data driven strategy, planning and working. As organisations work together and as more reporting requirements and information become necessary, integrated, comprehensive and holistic data emerges as the key prerequisite in effective delivery. 

Our unique Platform technology allows organisations to integrate data from fragmented systems into one comprehensive view. We have experience in securely and effectively integrating the more sensitive of data, such as from the Police, Health, Education, and Local Authority sources to drive our suite of solutions designed to meet specific programme requirements.  We offer Master Data Management and Data Integration solutions for multiple purposes - Golden Record/Thread, Supporting Families, Early Years Funding, Single View of Child, and Multi-Agency Safeguarding.  

Our Data Platform comprises of two layers, a Data Hub layer to process, merge and profile your data, and a Portal layer which enables the quick and agile spin up of on-line Portal Applications to help collect, share and manage data more effectively. 

Our technology integrates closely with the latest Microsoft Azure Data Services such as Machine Learning, to optimise high-volume matching, plus predictive and analytical facets of the solution - providing more proactive and comprehensive data services to identify those most in need of help. 

What our service provides 

Unified dataset

By integrating data from any number of fragmented systems and database, we provide a unified dataset, eradicating the risks of miscommunication, siloed information, disconnection and other causes of ineffective service provision. 

Data can be Consolidated from any number of data sources and types, and harmonised back to any number of target systems, based on rules-based configurable technology. 

Corporate Data Asset

Data should be an asset that delivers for your organisation - it should provide valuable insights; analyses of trends, profiling and rating to provide useful insights based on best quality comprehensive data. On a broader level, data-as-an-asset should empower organisations to plan their future effectively, enabling decision makers and key stakeholders to act and plan with agility - implementing clear visions by virtue of a clear grasp of your challenges, capabilities, options and successes.

Data Validation and Data Cleansing

Sentinel's Data Platform includes in-built, automated, Data Validation and Data Cleansing functionality. This is based on configurable rules that can be scheduled to run as required. Rules can be set up to apply to all data being received or can be specific to individual source systems (to cater for particular data quality scenarios). Validation rules can be defined to check for individual field contents or contents across a variety of fields, ensuring that data is complete enough before being accepted and processed within the platform. Rules can be created to reject incomplete records, or to accept records while still reporting on the poor data quality they may contain.  
Cleansing rules are used to cater for data that is being held in the wrong place, so that it can be removed, replaced or mapped to correct fields. Examples of this include:  

  • Incorrect characters in fields such as special characters in name fields which should be removed 
  • Misused fields when source systems do not support user requirements, such as (Deceased) in name fields due to a system not having a deceased flag 
  • Multiple identities for a person, where a name field may also include AKA xxx to provide alternative names  
  • Any records captured by any Validation or Cleansing rule, are included on exception reports for follow on data governance processes.  

Data Matching

Our data matching functionality is incredibly flexible, versatile and includes a rich array of functionality to provide the best possible matching outcomes. Any number of data matching rules can be configured, each rule can include any fields available, any field can be compared to any other field (such as a name field can be compared to an AKA name field), and the matching rule between fields can be selected from a long list of rule types and algorithms (to cater for phonetic matching in English / non-English, mistyped values, transposed values, partial names, common names/addresses etc.). The result is a Golden Record; the most complete and trusted version of the truth for an individual from across all available data sources.   

Unlimited data grouping

Sentinel’s Data Matching functionality works across multiple data dimensions. At the base foundation level, it matches records into a single Golden Record for an individual, as described above. Then the same functionality can be used many times over to match these Golden Records into any number of groups such as families, extended families, gangs, CSE Networks or associations based on common events, locations or relationships. This is incredibly powerful in providing full background views and context for those needing help - making support delivery more effective and focussed. 

Robust data compliance and complete consent management

By ensuring data is unified and accurate data compliance requirements can be easily met. Integrated and secure data is key for meeting robust compliance and security standards. Our platform and solutions enable complete consent management - ensuring only those that need access have access to complete, accurate and up-to-date information.  

Customised data views

By providing configurable portal solutions tailored to multi-agency and cross partnership working we ensure that users at all levels can see only what they need to see. 

Powerful profiling functionalities

Sentinel’s Data Platform provides two levels of data profiling. Our in-built Scoring and Profiling rules provide rich insight to identify target cohorts based on all the current and historic events being recorded and integrated into the Platform. Further to this, we can also make use of the latest Microsoft Machine Learning tools to identify potential target cohorts based on predictive profiling scenarios. This contributes to significantly more proactive service delivery - driving better, more focussed support and interventions, sooner.  

Automated alerts

Our solutions feature fully configurable alert settings, notifying relevant users of urgent incidents or risks. The alert criteria are fully configurable to meet any number of scenarios and process needs. Alerts can be presented on user screens and dashboards or can be sent via emails or SMS messages depending on the level of criticality. 

Controlled and managed sharing

A key feature of all our solutions is finely controlled and robustly managed sharing. This can be delivered via our integrated Portal layer, by the controlled distribution of data back to various source systems, or by targeted alerts and messages. Data can be shared appropriately and compliantly, with users of different levels, different internal teams and various external partners. Our configurable information sharing options allow automated messages to be sent independently from system access, meaning automated alerts can be sent to users while access to source data can be kept independent from notifications. The outcome of this is that support workers or partner agencies can be immediately informed of status changes or developments but not always given access to full details when appropriate. This allows alerts to be as effective as possible whilst maintaining robust access and security standards, privacy and discretion.  

Agile and flexible

Implementation of all our products and services is agile and flexible. From database connection, user access or online portal application, we can spin up our client implementations, and subsequent extensions to scope, very rapidly. This agility allows our clients to respond faster to new challenges, adaptability and quick response are key to effective and efficient support delivery. It is also key to development and partnership, when new agencies or services come into the picture our platform allows a quick and smooth incorporation - opening new channels for collection and sharing. 

Overview of the G-Cloud Service 

Sentinel’s Data Integration Platform allows data to be managed, integrated and transformed to meet business specifications. This is done securely by using Sentinel’s configurable functionality which includes rules, and algorithms to extract, validate, and match information from any internal and external sources. Fragmented data sources are integrated into a new unified dataset, stored on Sentinels central data platform prioritising the most accurate and up to date information to create the Golden Records for each individual. This creates a complete single view of the truth that then can be used to form groups and be the basis of data profiling, analysis and reporting. The platform can also be used to eliminate the risk of duplicate data by using matching rules that connect and highlight any data that contains similarities.  

Portal Solutions 

Providing a portal application layer integrated with the platform, we offer fully secure, auditable and compliant sharing collection data. Portal solutions can be configured to include specific functionalities and benefits such as following optimised to meet the specific requirements of government programmes. Our current range of Solutions include: 

Supporting Families

Integrated data that empowers you to change people's lives. 
Identifying and supporting families who need to turn their lives around is challenging for local authorities and their partner agencies. 

Early Years Funding and Early Years Child Assessment Portals

Delivering benefits for local authorities, providers, children and parents, Sentinel’s Early Years solutions support local authorities in two key areas: managing Nursery Education Funding and collecting assessment data.

Single View (Child/ Adult Services and safeguarding)

Our Single View software a single access point for the most complete and most trusted view of information, built from an integration of data from multiple trusted sources. Any number of Single Views can be configured to support the needs of various teams and partner agencies, thus ensuring that each user can only access the data they need to see.    

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office, supporting the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.  

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