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Integrated Care Systems

Integrated Care Systems

Harnessing the power of data to transform care

Joining up and sharing data for a new era of integrated patient care

Sentinel's sector-leading data platform supports the introduction of Integrated Care Systems by facilitating greater collaboration through controlled and secure data sharing.

Bringing information together, our Data Hub technology enables collaborative, efficient and more focused frontline service delivery by all health and social care partners. 

Already widely used by local authorities, the Hub will enable organisations to meet their obligations as members of their local ICS Health and Care Partnership.

Used to share vital data throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Sentinel's Hub creates a new, holistic dataset by integrating information from dozens of health and social care systems. Providers can then focus on using their data content to deliver the greatest benefit.

View our Covid-19 case studies - Identifying vulnerable residents, Supporting Test and Trace 

Features and benefits

  • Access to the most up-to-date, complete and trusted information - having creating a unified dataset, real-time updates ensure insight is always relevant and current. Details of individuals' present, previous or pending health and care services available at the click of a button.
  • Controlled data sharing - access is tailored, with users and teams only able to see the information that they are authorised and need to see. The Hub also provides a full audit trail of all actions, whether they be automated or manual.
  • Automatic alerts for more proactive care - notification rules set by users enable the system to watch for patterns of information that could cause concern about individuals, and then automatically issue lists or alerts for an early response.
  • Fully-configurable profiling - enabling ICSs and their health and care partners to identify target cohorts based on any number of scenarios, and respond proactively to data patterns.
  • Access anywhere - user-friendly portal views are easily accessed on mobile devices.

How we do it

Sentinel’s Data Hub brings data together into a validated, cleansed, and rationalised dataset, containing everything organisations need to know.

Data is merged to show all required information about individuals, and then merged again to group them in as many ways as required, such as those with specific medical conditions.

The merged person and group data can be profiled to look for any existing or predictable issues or vulnerabilities. Any number of profiling scenarios can be configured by our clients to identify as many target cohorts as required across the various organisations in the care partnership.

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