Sentinel Data Platform Use Cases

Both our approach and technology are inherently versatile, agile and configurable to client requirements.

All our clients have grown from their initial aspirations, to increase scope and further benefits from their investment in our services.

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Building out from the core.

Typically, clients approach us to help with Data Governance or specific Data Integration requirements. Initial deployments take utilise the Sentinel Data Integration Platform to carry out the data work, along with new integrated data views such as a Single View of Customer, Tenant, Property or Asset. Often, a Single View of one data entity will lead to complimentary views of different types of data as concepts are established and benefits are understood.

The Single View of data is the baseline position for our client solutions. It is where the integrated data is visualised for the first time and where the opportunity for much greater benefits is born.

Building out from the Single View, clients can start to connect data in any number of different ways. People can be matched together into family units or any other types of connection that link them together with common interests or needs. Properties and assets can be grouped together based on any number of common attributes, sizes or risk factors.

Adding our profiling functionality allows for the automated monitoring across all this integrated data. Clients are no longer limited in trying to identify target cohorts in isolation; then can compare similar and connected data, measure whole family needs, and identify trends in datasets based on multiple, concurrent associations.

Using the integrated data that our platform provides exponentially increases the benefits of all other data utilities our clients use:

  • Integrated performance reporting via tools such as Power BI is easier
  • Data modelling and analysis through AI mechanisms such as Machine Learning (ML) become richer and more accurate based on the increased and connected data volumes
  • Data exchange using Synapse or on-line portal applications become more controlled and reliable, being based on the most trusted version of data available

Use case – Customer and CRM scenarios

We have many client success stories available to learn from, based on our Single View of a ::Person:: or ::Customer::. This is often the starting point for our clients to see the benefits of an integrated, better managed and trusted dataset.

The concept of integrated person data can serve many different uses across an organisation and its partners.

In a business context, many teams can access tailored views of Single Customer records;

  • CRM systems can be continually fed with customer updates and events from across all customer-facing systems and teams to show everything that is known in a single place. This includes a history of interactions, including sales activities, maintenance / support calls and complaints.
  • Sales and Marketing can see buying habits and trends from across all channels and product groups, profiled to identify ideal target audiences for future campaigns and incentives.
    Data can be brought together from all sales and customer interaction channels, including social media feedback. This can be enriched with loyalty card activities to identify which promotional offers are attracting attention and being taken up
  • Customer service teams can look at other aspects of customer interaction when deciding how best to deal with new customer issues and complaints.
  • Service delivery and logistics teams can be given access to interaction needs of customers that help them to deliver a more appropriate service, such as understanding of someone's physical disability, or limited English language skills, influencing how best to contact them.

In a Care-Services context;

  • The view or a person can be made available to those team who need to access it to carry out assessment, produce care plans or ensure safeguarding.
  • Any number of tailored views can be made available to teams that only need to see selected parts of the whole dataset, such as to support particular care provision or to see which other support services are engaged. A typical example of this is to provide a tailored pupil portal for schools who may need to know of any social worker contact details to reach out to if they have concerns about a pupil.
  •  Data access can be extended to include the whole family and immediate relationships to help identify risks or needs arising from the immediate home life of the individual and those around them.
  • Delivery and Strategic management teams can access chronology of previous interactions, interventions and outcomes. This can be at both individual and aggregated (anonymous) levels, to understand what has gone before, what interventions have worked and what have not.

Use case - Property

We have a growing number of Housing Associations successfully using our technology and services to bring together all aspects of their property data, including their asset management systems, financial systems and sub-contractor (work management) systems.  

Our client use cases for property data include;

  • A Single View of Property for the Asset Management team, which includes all core property attributes, occupancy information, maintenance activities and alerts.
    Dashboards can be configured to highlight risks such as overdue safety checks or over-occupancy.
    Data anomalies can be automatically identified and visualised, such as conflicting data held in different systems or duplicate records.
  • A Single View of Property for the Financial teams, such as property valuations, accumulated spend on properties across different teams, and income analysis.
    Dashboards and views can be configured to automatically provide month end analysis by region and estates, with drill down to individual property level.
  • A Golden Thread of data for each property to satisfy Fire and Safety legislation and highlight those properties that do not (or soon will not) comply with appropriate safety standards.

Use case – Asset / Fleet Management

Our Data Integration Platform can process many different data types to integrate different strands of information. This can include any business asset type such as vehicles (road vehicles, ships or aircraft), plant and machinery and mobile maintenance and repair units (including onboard tools and spares).

As with all other use case examples, the Single View of these assets include dashboards to highlight important business or operational scenarios as well as data anomalies.

Use case – Integrated Performance Reporting

All our clients take full advantage of the integrated datasets we create, to drive integrated performance reporting across multiple services, teams or partners across process streams.

Examples of such reporting include;

  • - Statutory Government returns such as Ofsted reports and Census submissions.
  • - Financial statements for HMRC, DWP or internal group reporting.
  • - Freedom of Information (FOI) responses from individuals which wish to know what information is known about them.

Use case – Online Applications and Data Sharing

The Portal layer of our Platform is the perfect toolset to enable the rapid creation of new on-line applications and data collection channels, and many of our clients have already put this to good use.
Our Portal examples include a wide range of applications such as;

  • Customer interaction, complaints, compliment portals for real time customer feedback and survey responses.
  • Data collection forms and portals for use by external partners who do not have access to internal networks or core systems.
  • Concern forms to highlight safeguarding incidents or health & safety near missed.

Our Portal applications can be set to include user registration or can be anonymous, depending on your needs.

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