Data Insight for Housing Organisations

For efficient, responsive, and future-focused housing services

Complete and accurate data is crucial for effective, sustainable housing services and is a prerequisite for the use of next-generation business insight technologies. Our industry-leading data integration enables organisations to improve operations and benefit from predictive and intelligent software.

Fragmented systems, poor quality data and an inability to integrate these resources currently prevents housing providers from meeting their full potential by creating blind spots which impact efficiency and transparency.

Our software overcomes this by integrating data, such as customer accounts and maintenance records, into a single coherent view; allowing the business to operate from a centralised platform. The platform is configurable and supports existing internal and external reporting requirements.


Right-first-time decisions driven by deeper understanding

Powerful analysis software with accurate data integration at its heart can empower businesses to make the right changes, at the right time. Effective decision-making requires a unison of data integration and intelligence tools; giving users the ability to monitor trends at different levels, saving time and resources. For example, by enabling users to switch between area, asset, owner and customer views, issues can be escalated and addressed at the right level first time.


Accurate, holistic data for next-generation intelligence

The benefits of data integration extend beyond consolidation. Predictive and intelligent software is essential for businesses to remain effective. Ensuring data is accurate, holistic and consistent is the first step in cultivating meaningful insights from the next generation of technology. Complete data integration provides the foundation for this insight.

A platform for new technology and change

Agility requires insight. For example, the COVID-19 crisis changed the ways homes are used; working from home increased significantly. The roles of housing will continue to evolve. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and ‘Smart Homes’ are being adopted in social and private sector housing, bringing new dimensions and needs. The challenges and opportunities of predicting, planning and meeting the changing demands and expectations of customers lie in data.


Providing a foundation of data quality

Our industry-leading integration delivers a quality data core, improving the relevance and accuracy of predictive and analytics technologies. It also improves effectiveness; complete and comprehensive information is essential for better working.

Further features include:

  • Complete case histories and legacy views allow regression analyses to provide meaningful predictions

  • Classification models benefit from a feed of holistic and comprehensive data, shedding light on valuable information for planning decisions

  • Customer profiles linking every facet of engagement ensures clustering techniques encompass contexts and histories

  • Effective anomaly detection rests on its data feed. By eradicating blind spots, our integration means real issues are highlighted

  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Housing Transformation

A single view of data underpinning successful change

Solving the data challenges of organisational transformation

Housing data is often fragmented; in different source systems, formats and used in multiple business contexts. As organisations merge these issues pose even greater challenges, compounding efficiency and effectiveness. Disparate data can also impede the success of organisation transformation projects.

Comprehensive data integration is a prerequisite for positive change. Sentinel’s solutions empower businesses to change, grow, react, and make the right changes, at the right time.

Accurate and complete data drives effective decision making and enables housing organisations to monitor the impact of change.

The benefits of data integration extend beyond consolidation and analysis. A foundation of quality data integration is strategic. The housing sector faces a number of pressures to be more sustainable, efficient, proactive and effective. Key to meeting this challenge is feedback and evidence. Evidencing that what you do does what you want is crucial for delivering a successful strategy, as is quick identification of areas of improvement and monitoring costs.

The requirements of homes have changed drastically in recent years, insight is key for responding to meeting these new demands.

As smart homes (IoT) technology becomes standard, access to insight starts with accurate and holistic integrated data. Powerful analysis software and next-generation predictive software are only as good as the data they are fed. Consistent, high-quality data is key to benefitting from these advances.

Accurate data integration is fundamental for transformation projects, next generation insight and analysis technologies and effective strategy planning and evidencing. Our industry-leading single view platform drives transformation, improves effectiveness and clarity of evidencing


Key benefits 

  • Enhanced asset and void management - Build a deeper understanding of properties and their condition through a holistic view of information including occupancy, repairs, refurbishments and warranties

  • A better understanding of customers - Know who's living in your properties. Respond to customers and address financial risks, particularly with the advent of Universal Credit, based on clear knowledge of your tenants and any history of anti-social behaviour or arrears

  • Improved data quality and more informed decision making - The Platform tackles the data quality issues faced by the housing sector, helping providers to make the best use of the information they already hold and enabling them to look forward to a data-rich future

  • Easier data sharing - The Platform facilitates data sharing with external partners such as local authorities and neighbouring housing associations

  • Reducing fraud - Our technology automatically highlights data patterns and anomalies that are associated with fraud. It even overcomes attempts by individuals to disguise their real identity, e.g. detecting where names are deliberately transposed (forename to middle name) or making abbreviated/phonetic matches (e.g. Ade Smith = Adrian Smythe)

  • Supporting mergers - Where housing organisations join forces, the Platform integrates their separate data into an agreed format, with Sentinel’s data migration experts providing additional input where required

  • Security and GDPR compliance - All our solutions feature in-built data protection to help organisations comply with data regulations. Access is also fully controlled

  • Automatic updates and alerts - Data is automatically processed on a daily basis and the Platform provides real-time alerts every time a customer or asset crosses a client’s threshold criteria

  • Easy to configure - The Platform operates by using a set of processes, rules and algorithms. We do the hard bit to ensure it can be easily configured by clients to meet their specific business needs

Further features and benefits 

  • Integration of legacy data, across systems and formats, into a single view, expedites business transformation

  • Fully integrated and holistic data provides a complete foundation of quality data for benefiting from the next generation of predictive and analysis technologies

  • Future proofs against the changing feedback and monitoring methods as homes and home use evolves, ensuring agility

  • Strategy and planning benefit from stronger evidencing, monitoring and feedback abilities – giving clarity and confirmation that what you do does what you want

Transform data use in your organisation

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
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  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
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