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MASH Data Solution

MASH Data Solution

(Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs)

Improved child protection through the use of accurate cross-agency data

At a glance

Sentinel’s unique, integrated MASH data solution supports key requirements seamlessly and in real time. Based on our Sentinel Data Hub, it helps to safeguard children by significantly enhancing collaborative working and decision-making.

Collecting and merging data that core partners have agreed to share, Sentinel’s Hub stores the information securely, enabling it to be accessed as soon as a referral is received.

Key benefits

The breadth and depth of cross-agency data held by the Hub reduces risk and potentially saves lives by helping MASH co-ordinators to:

  • Quickly identify the right child
  • Access all known family and case information
  • Prioritise urgent cases
  • Liaise effectively with the relevant individuals in agency support teams
  • Take the correct decisions

Sentinel’s Hub even enables MASH teams to take action without receiving referrals as it will automatically alert them to increased risks based on data scenarios and rules that they define. An example of such a scenario could include alerts based on the number of A&E visits combined with unauthorised school absence or missed appointments with social workers.

Our system also provides a complete audit trail with user-friendly dashboards, providing full visibility of the status of every referral or live case and enabling response time SLAs to be easily monitored and managed.

Further benefits include:

  • Advanced search facilities to find vulnerable children more easily, even with incomplete or poor quality information
  • Online referrals
  • Mobile access on any device type
  • Comprehensive security at all times
  • Ringfenced, protected data that can only be accessed by the MASH team
  • Settings to fully-customise data encryption and access

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