Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Data Solution

Improving child protection through accurate, integrated agency data

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Coordinated support driven by a holistic understanding of risk

The Sentinel MASH solution enables more effective child safeguarding by providing real-time access to accurate, unified inter-agency information.

Integrating and storing data that core partners can share, the secure Platform enhances collaborative working, providing a 360-degree case view of current and emerging risk. This empowers agencies, and those working at the front door of support services, to make the correct decisions sooner and ensure the most vulnerable receive the support they need.

Urgent cases can be prioritised and resource used most effectively, with users having seamless access to all known family and case information, including up-to-date timelines.

Safeguarding teams can be more proactive as the software automatically alerts them to increased risks based on data scenarios and rules that they define. For example; alerts based on the number of A&E visits combined with unauthorised school absence or missed appointments with social workers.

The Platform maintains a complete audit trail with user-friendly dashboards providing full visibility of the status of every referral or live case and enabling response time SLAs to be monitored and managed.

Advanced features

Our MASH data solution is designed to increase efficiency and help teams to provide the best-possible support to young people. Additional functionality includes:

  • Advanced search facilities to find vulnerable children more easily, even with incomplete or poor-quality information
  • Online referrals
  • Mobile access on any device type
  • Comprehensive security
  • Ringfenced, protected data that can only be accessed by the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Team (MAST)
  • Settings to fully-customise data encryption and access
  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Putting MASH agencies in the picture

The urgent nature of MASH referrals means that new cases need to be continuously monitored to ensure all involved agencies share the required information within agreed time limits.

Our MASH solution includes a specially developed scorecard that presents all data held for the case subject and uses RAG status to show how the case is progressing.

The system enables the full range of agencies - including police, children’s services, education, probation, and medical professionals - to share information and spot emerging issues early.

The MASH scorecard also enables co-ordinators to monitor cases in real time using visual gauges that monitor each agency’s response.

Sentinel customers can add partners agencies with required SLAs, as well as escalation points with different RAG time limits.


Agency gauges

Presented as a set of gauge controls, the Sentinel MASH scorecard uses RAG colours to show the status of each agency and time left to submit a response

Collaborative case management

In addition to all automated information already available, all MASH team members from across the partner agencies can enter additional case or review notes to support the assessment process.


MASH dashboard

The secure MASH dashboard presents individual cases and all related information such as agency involvement and details of family members in a user-friendly format for further analysis and risk assessment.

Additional case notes can be added directly by the MASH team to manage the referral process and provide an audit trail of actions and decision. If required, documents can also be uploaded to provide supporting information or evidence.

Access levels can be set and controlled easily and where necessary, sensitive information can be shielded from those who do not need to see full details.

MASH case connection screen

This overview screen shows a MASH case and all connected data.

Drill-down functionality for connected people provides a wealth of further information to help assess risk and assist decision making.


Child overview

Clicking on the child will reveal a single view showing everything that is known about that child.

Different tabs can provide a rich picture of the child (based on what the user is allowed to see), including information from any MASH partner agency, such as education history and dealings with social care, police, and the Youth Offending Service.

Family overview

By clicking on a specific family, every relevant piece of data held in the system can be instantly viewed to gain a deeper understanding of the individuals within the family unit.


Valuable time-line data

Our MASH Solution scorecards contain timelines for both the case subjects and their families.  This data is stored by default within the Sentinel Platform. 

Family data is further enhanced when our Supporting Families Solution is active as it provides a rich data set for the extended family.

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