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Supporting Families

Supporting Families

Optimising data to transform early intervention programmes

Early intervention data software that empowers you to change people's lives

Identifying and supporting families who need to turn their lives around is challenging for local authorities and their partner agencies.

The most immediate problem is inaccurate, fragmented data, with incomplete or inconsistent information failing to present a clear picture. Targets could be missed and stretched resources misdirected. Critically, those families who need help may not receive it.

Sentinel’s Think Family Data Hub is successfully enabling UK local authorities to overcome these issues, transforming their programmes and driving earlier, appropriate intervention .

Our software matches and integrates data from all available sources to provide up-to-date, holistic and user-friendly records of individuals and family units. The data sharing features of the platform also facilitate collaborative and proactive working.

Fully configurable, it puts you in control of setting profiling criteria and the scenarios that trigger automatic alerts – empowering you to deliver the early interventions that families need. Changing lives.

Developed to meet the evolving requirements of the Supporting Families (Troubled Families) programme, the agile solution also helps our clients conform to the Data Maturity Model while enabling them to look ahead and respond to future Government initiatives.

Examples of our Supporting Families data projects

Powerful, flexible, forward-looking technology for your Supporting Families programme

The Think Family Data Hub ensures that the information you need is always at your fingertips. Further features include:

  • Family-overview and drill-down screens that show you the full picture
  • A single point of access for improved data sharing and collaborative working
  • You control the rules to validate and merge people’s data
  • You set and manage your own criteria
  • Automatic data profiling to identify families in need and provide early help
  • Maximised PBR claims bringing increased income
  • Automatically prepared Government returns, evidenced by a full chronology of events and outcomes

Take a look at our case study

See how our early intervention data software is supporting the Liverpool Families Programme.

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Accelerating local authorities' progress to data maturity

Recognising the importance of data in identifying and responding to local needs, MHCLG has developed its own Data Maturity Model (shown, right) to guide local authorities.

Highlighting six key elements, it helps local authorities to understand where they are now and where they need to get to.   

Sentinel's technology underpins all six elements, helping local authorities make faster progress to  data maturity and optimise their approach to delivering Early Help for families.


MHCLG's Data Maturity Model.

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