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Step 2. Identifying families in need

With our system in place, you’ll have instant access to a Supporting Families (formerly Troubled Families) solution that not only monitors your families, but also measures them against threshold criteria that you define.

You have complete freedom to determine the scenarios and events that cause a family to cross your own Supporting Families threshold, including crime, school, children, employment, domestic violence and health.

As events like a school exclusion, domestic violence conviction or health concern are collected, the Hub will notify you that the family needs to be assessed. It will also show you the full chronology of events relating to each individual family member that led to the family crossing the threshold.

Data is combined into holistic views of each person and each person is linked into family units. Other links can also be added and managed such as extended families (adults with children linked to different partners and properties) or gang membership (provided by youth offending system).

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