Vulnerable Pupil Portal

Integrate from multiple sources, agencies and systems to provide a complete picture of vulnerable pupils to drive alternative support provision.

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"It's an absolutely phenomenal system for them (schools), it's really changed their safeguarding. It's enabled them to have a really clear oversight of their vulnerable children and know what's happening." 

Fran Shaul 
Supporting Families Manager
Portsmouth City Council 

Backed by £15 million, awarded from the Treasury’s shared outcomes fund, from November 2021 21 areas across England received alternative provision (AP) specialist taskforces to support young people most at risk of serious violence or gang exploitation. These AP taskforces will work directly with young people, there will be intensive expert support including mental health professionals, family workers, and speech and language therapists.

The full list of alternative provision areas includes Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Croydon, Liverpool, Leeds, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Nottingham, Leicester, Haringey, Newham, Bristol, Doncaster, Enfield, Southwark, Brent, Bradford, Salford, Lambeth, and Sandwell.

In addition, a further £30million of funding is going to 10 ‘SAFE’ (Support, Attend, Fulfil, Exceed) taskforces in areas where incidents of serious youth violence are highest. These will be led by schools, bringing headteachers together to support vulnerable young people and prevent them from becoming involved in gangs, county lines and criminal activity. Attendance will be a focus, reducing exclusions and keeping pupils focussed on education. 

Based on the Sentinel Data Platform our Vulnerable Pupil Portal is specifically designed to meet the requirements of this initiative and support SAFE Taskforces in protecting children from becoming involved in crime and gang exploitation.

VPT Map - England

''Schools report that Ofsted think it's amazing. During inspections they are really blown away by the system and the safeguarding oversight that is in place." 

Fran Shaul
Supporting Families Manager
Portsmouth City Council

The Platform can integrate data from multiple disparate sources, from multiple systems and agencies, to provide a complete picture of how best to ensure the right level and mix of alternative provision and specialist support is delivered.

  • Junior, Senior and Local Authority levelled Portals. Vulnerable Pupil Portals (VPP) are split between junior and senior schools to manage cross border intakes and outtakes and ensure handover notes are visible across settings and as children move between stages and change peer groups. Local Authority level portals have access to high level metrics and can drill down to individual settings and children.

  • Dashboards have been specifically designed in collaboration with several local authorities to display the information you need to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in crime such as county lines and gang violence.
  • Pupil advanced search functionality and drill downs into single view of pupil. Customised dashboard features such as number of vulnerable pupils per setting and local authority area.
  • Centralized notes and PDF upload functions for pupils, share notes and documents across settings and agencies. Crucial for handovers such as, change of schools and case workers.
  • Vulnerable Pupil Portals (VPP) can include automated user alerts, including behavioural, attendance, and Police intelligence. For example, police related incidents can alert certain users and provide information for whom they should contact for further information.
  • Local Authority Vulnerable Pupil Portals will include provision to produce evaluation reports and submissions to DfE.
  • Police Portals with specifically configured dashboards, functionalities, and access remits. 
  • Child overview. All information concerning a child collated in one easy to view screen. Specific child with actions dashboard function including Safeguarding data, Attendance/Exclusions data, Exploitation Risk, Youth Offending Team data feeds, Police data, NEETS data, Social Care plan, Alternative Provision mentor notes, Vulnerability metrics and full workflow and chronology.
  • Additional information will contain ‘soft intelligence’ such as Police cautions, behavioural and teacher notes, supporting SAFE Taskforce and other partners.
  • Workflow and Chronology. See a full list of past and upcoming actions, a full chronology of events including tracking of attendance and case worker actions as well as changes reflecting increased or decreased risk, progress or regression.
  • Vulnerable Pupil Portals have intuitive and effective user led design. Drill downs, automated alerts, filters and visualisations all form part of a central portal. Designed to meet the needs of Local Authorities, Schools, Social Workers, Alternative Provision (AP) teams and SAFE Taskforces, as well as the functional needs of users.
  • Access level is tailored to groups and geography with exception criteria for users with risk conflicting interest. All logins are 2FA.

  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

"It enables us to identify those early warnings, so particularly those children who may not have been flagged up before." 

Fran Shaul
Supporting Families Manager
Portsmouth City Council

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Vulnerable Pupil & SAFE Task-Force Portal

Sharing critical insight between Schools, Local Authority Teams and Partner Agencies to identify and protect vulnerable pupils

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