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Early Years Solutions

Early Years Solutions

Early Education Entitlement (EEE) & Child Assessment Data

Linking Local Authorities and Nursery Education Providers together online

At a glance

Sentinel’s on-line solutions enable local authorities to control EY assessment data collection, meet statutory duties and manage Early Education Entitlement (EEE) funding more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Simple to install and operate, our web-based portal provides a secure link between local authorities and individual nursery education providers, enabling data to be supplied quickly and easily.

Our flexible solution is an intelligent software application that integrates with any existing system and can be tailored to meet a local authority’s specific data requirements.

Features and benefits

Increased control and accuracy

Controlled data entry

Data entry dates are strictly controlled and communicated via parameters selected by you, ensuring you get the information you need, when you need it.

Configure access levels

Comprehensive security and data governance features including easy-to-set permission/access levels.

Validate, cleanse and merge

Sophisticated matching techniques validate, cleanse and merge new data using configurable rules you control.

Enhanced visibility

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications to highlight any data anomalies such as duplicate child entries or where a child's assessment data is a potential cause for concern.

 Tracking child development

Monitor children’s progress with a host of features - including integrated statistical functions - to view EY development and easy identification of those who aren’t progressing in line with expectations.

Data sharing

Creates a clear picture of what is happening within a particular family unit by allowing key information to be shared with child protection or family support service teams.


Dashboards summarise the overall status of a setting or of a child across multiple settings.


Easy identification of new children and children who are not registered.

Increasing efficiency / reducing administration and costs

Data entered by providers

Headcount and assessment information is entered directly by the providers via online forms which can check data quality as it is entered – removing the need for time-consuming paperwork and poor quality data.

Quick calculation

Quick calculation of EEE funding payments, based on parameters you can control and adjust. Create and manage different payment calculations by age group and cater for pupil premium requirements.

Fast access to data

Reporting at the click of a button and fast access to data required by the DfE for the annual Early Years Census.

Integration with finance systems

The ability to integrate with your finance system to send EEE payments and remittance advice notes online via each provider’s individual portal.

Meeting statutory duties

As well as fulfilling all Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) data requirements, our system helps teams meet SEND obligations and develop The Local Offer. It also supports other statutory duties, including those of the Childcare Act 2006.

Your Early Years teams could be benefiting from our data solutions within a matter of weeks – with no disruption to existing systems, no service interruption and no mass user re-training.

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