Azure Cloud Services - System Migration Solution

Seamlessly migrate to Azure cloud services and increase data quality

Ensuring a smooth migration to Azure cloud services

Using our industry-leading data technology, we enable organisations to seamlessly migrate their data to Azure’s Cloud Services. Our cloud migration service provides a proven, experienced and dependable migration.

Providing increased security, power, flexibility and cost effectiveness, Azure offers a modern, dynamic service for organisations seeking to free themselves from the constraints and costs of running an on-premises IT infrastructure.

Not only can we transfer your data, but we can also increase its quality at the same time with our cleansing and integration service – enabling you to begin using Azure with your data in optimised condition.

Sentinel is a Microsoft Partner with more than ten years of data migration experience. We understand organisations’ evolving requirements and the continuing importance of data security, confidentiality and compliance.


Azure cloud migration process

Our approach follows Microsoft’s four-step process for migrating applications and workloads to Azure: Assess – Migrate – Optimise – Secure & Manage.

During the pre-migration stage, we can help you choose the right subscription and service choices for your organisation, also advising on growth and transformation strategies that will make the most effective use of Azure’s functionality and scalability.

We’ll also establish exactly what data needs to migrate and, where necessary, make any adjustments to ensure a smooth transition.

Carrying out the migration process we can improve your data quality by applying configurable rules that you determine. These can be used to validate, cleanse and merge records for greater accuracy and clarity.

Post-migration we’ll complete testing, ensuring your data and Azure are optimised to meet your business needs.

Features and benefits


Expertise in database migration and transformation (e.g. moving from Oracle)


Application migration – SaaS, IaaS, PaaS or Hybrid.



ISO 9001 quality assurance.



Elastic and Scalable.



CapEx to OpEx efficiency.



Agile and Flexible.



No Vendor Lock-In.


Reliable and Resilient.


Secure and Compliant.

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Our Data Pipeline and matching and profiling software drive power BI reports for operational and corporate level performance report.

Devon County Council

Using the Sentinel Supporting Families Solution, Devon County Council were able to more effectively identify families with multiple complex needs and dependencies. The quality of data available across the authority and its partner agencies has been enhanced and is far more visible.

We have since provided further software and data service solutions to Devon County Council, assisting their work beyond the Supporting Families Programme. This has included the provision of a Microsoft Azure Power BI data warehouse, providing a comprehensive 360 view of residents and associated data points.

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Birmingham Childrens Trust

Based on our industry leading Sentinel Data Integration Platform, we developed the Supporting Families Portal, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Supporting Families Programme.

The solution has been extended and enhanced several times to meet all national and Local Government’s requirements and objectives for subsequent Phases of the programme.

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Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. Sentinel provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Our Supporting Families Solution has enabled London Borough of Tower Hamlets to more effectively identify families in need.

The built-in audit reporting provides detailed evidence required for PBR claims and other government reporting requirements, and key tasks were automated, increasing accuracy & efficiency while reducing costs. Single View Portal views are available to call centre users to provide immediate access to the key information they need to help support residents when they call with a question or a problem.

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